Hello to everyone–even those not reading this. (If you could pass on my greetings to them I would really appreciate it.) I’m obviously new here, and I hope not to fit in perfectly, but to squeeze my way in and make my presence known that way.

I’ll just dive in quickly with my WordPress entrance to tell you a bit about myself so I can scurry off to pick up my fiance from work. I stole his car–what can I say? It’s so much shinier than mine.

I wanted to name my blog Unidentified Beauty. Mostly because those two words together have been stuck in my head for at least two years and I haven’t written a song yet–because I play no instruments–and I wanted to use them somehow. But my plan was thwarted as I typed out the last letter only to be told, “that domain name is taken”–by someone who no longer blogs, no less. I did some investigative work. What a cruel world.

Try, try again.

Short back story: Last night, I went to my fiance’s house to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire that I could smell before I even opened my car door–heavenly. He presented me with three new lenses for my camera that alter how it captures light sources.After my first domain name was shot down, that popped into my head.

Lenses are different ways for cameras to view the world; people use different lenses to view the world too. Ours simply aren’t external. My favorite lens to use is the Beauty Lens.

To be continued. =) Goodnight bloggers (and bloggers’ friends).


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