I noticed that my last post ended with the Beauty Lense, and while that is my favorite, Opportunity saw that Beauty was resting and snatched up the opportunity to be used.

I have had several occasions recently to utilize my Opportunity Lense.

I’m in my first photography class, and I’m loving it more than any sane college student should ever love a class. We were supposed to have a crisp action photo ready to critique Tuesday, which is normally pretty easy. However, it requires lots of light and the beautiful rainy weather arrived at an inopportune weekend.

So I was wandering near the river in my grandma’s neighborhood — oh, I live with my grandma — trying in vain to find something on this green earth that would move enough for me to catch its motion on film, or rather, on SD card. A few guys playing Frisbee golf at the park saw me and asked if I’d seen the falcon.


They were very perceptive and assumed that meant, “No, I am clueless.”

A falcon was on the other side of the hill, just perched on the ground, eating a squirrel. My hope: to catch a great shot of it in flight. My reality: a squirrel dangling from a blurry-winged object in the air.

Opportunity: While I didn’t get the picture I had wanted, I got a few cool close-ups of it tearing into its lunch, which my little brother will love. And it was an opportunity I would have missed without the kindness of a few Frisbee golf fans.

I’m now in wrap-up mode. Don’t stop reading yet — you’re almost there!

My other opportunity started this afternoon. I’m a full-time college student and our fall break began at the end of my last class today. So all Friends University students get a four-day weekend. Woohoo!

Opportunity: Use these four days to really and truly relax and regain a peaceful spirit, away from school stresses. For me, that means spend time with my amazing family that lives an hour away, my fiance who serendipitously also has Thursday and Friday off work, and God. That last relationship helps me the most, and I don’t spend nearly enough time with Him.

Opportunities are everywhere. We just need to keep our lenses handy.


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