On Christmas Eve, elves never sleep. Neither do my mom and I.

First off, I apologize to my 3 readers for being gone for so long without so much as a postcard. (By the way, I really love postcards and plan to start snail-mailing them all over the place.)

A couple of things prompted this Limited Time focus. I’ll start with the most exciting so as to not lose you this early in my post. I live in Kansas, and while we Kansans — and Oklahomans and other midwesterners — are quite used to tornadoes gliding all over the place, we were not prepared for nature’s surprise on Saturday: an earthquake.


I personally didn’t feel it, and I was quite jealous of all my friends posting about their earthquake adventure on Facebook.

My jealousy aside, the fact remains that there have been at least two or three earthquakes in the Midwest in under a week, and that just doesn’t happen. It got me thinking (again) about how many natural disasters have been occurring lately, either in strange places or causing extreme damage. That, combined with lots of other things that really don’t pertain to my blog at this time, brings to mind the knowledge that I’m not going to be here forever, nor is this world. Somewhere in Revelation, the events leading up to the “end times” are somewhat spelled out, and natural disasters are a major sign.

I don’t think that we’ll all be gone by next weekend, but I do have a limited time left in my life — even if I live until I’m 98 — and I’m tired of saying, “I want to become…” whatever or however I want to become. The time is now. Why wait to become a better listener or to learn how to love with God’s heart or to fly a kite? (I hope someone caught that Mary Poppins reference. Love that movie.) That’s a silly way to live — nobody can live in the future, only plan for it. So follow through with those plans now!

OK, no more lecturing.

I have also come to the realization that I have one month left in this semester and far too many projects to complete than I would like. Limited time is chasing me down. However, for the first time in my life, I am not stressing out and worrying about it. Know why? It’s just school. Of course I care about doing well, and I shall, but stressing only gives me a sore neck and headache and helps with absolutely nothing. God never meant for his children to worry themselves into knots.

I do plan on buckling down to accomplish everything in a somewhat timely manner. I’m no longer good at all-nighters and don’t plan on pulling any. Gosh, I make myself sound so old, like an old wrinkly prune of a girl.

I pretty much already hit on what all this means. We all have a limited time for something. Whether it’s a project at school, an assignment at work or a goal in life, we have a limited time in which to work or to learn or to love. I am learning to make the most of all my time; not that I’m a pro yet, but I am learning.

My dad used to tell me that I shouldn’t think about life in terms of how long I have left, but in terms of how many times I have left. How many times do I have left to have a picnic with my fiance? How many times do I have left to jump on the trampoline with my little brother and sisters? How many times do I have left to really get to know my grandparents? How many times do I have left to stay up all night wrapping Christmas presents with my mom and laughing as she spends an eternity beautifying each bow that the kids will simply rip off in five hours (and counting..)?

And how many times do I have left to feel a darned earthquake!? Just kidding. I felt one earlier tonight and am completely satisfied. =)


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