I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I’ve been reading blogs and confessions and advice from women of all shapes, sizes, and writing styles on this site: http://goodwomenproject.com/. I highly recommend this site to all girls, women, ladies, whatever else you call yourselves. Sometimes I read advice I already kind of knew. Sometimes I read cute little stories that lift my heart. And sometimes, like today, I read simple, hidden yet mind-blowingly obvious truths that cause my heart to skip a beat because it’s caught off-guard. And as my mascara runs, I realize I’m crying, and that I’m crying either because I can relate or because what I read is so beautiful and I want to relate.

I read this one today (http://goodwomenproject.com/marriage/what-no-one-told-about-the-honeymoon) and I cried. Sadly, not because I could relate in a good way–no, today was one of those “I can relate in a way that makes me feel kind of awful inside,” times. It tells women how strong and handsome and caring our knights in shining armor will be…and that we as princesses are a little too great at telling our knights how defeating that dragon last year was really no biggie and we could have done better. And that one line from his princess can be more devastating than anything he’s heard in his kingdom for a decade.

Read it.


Let it change your heart and attitude toward your knight so you don’t tarnish his armor and his pride and make him feel like an ogre.

This is my prince. He takes wonderful care of me, he makes me laugh, and he alone holds my heart for always. It’s my duty to convey that to him every day.



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