Every few months, I’m reminded of how hard it can be to re-forge good habits.

Daily washing dishes, since we don’t have a dishwasher anymore.
Cloth diapering on the weekends, because let’s face it: young families have to budget.
Washing my face every morning & evening. (Every mama out there knows that in the daily list of to-dos, this often falls by the wayside.)
Morning oil pulling, ’cause it worked wonders on my sinuses.
Daily time, set aside specifically for me & God to get together. It’s paramount to all other good habits, but is one of the most difficult to get started. (Time? Who has time? MAKE TIME, WOMAN.)

Ahhh writing. That thing. The reason I signed up for WordPress’ Writing 101 course. The push behind my previous (long, long ago) blog post.

I love writing.

But I love writing only when I’m in the groove of writing. The thought of creating a simple blog post when I’ve been out of the game for a while feels nearly as daunting to me as that first 10-page research paper feels to most high schoolers.

This is more of a touching base, letting you know my family and I are still alive post.

Speaking of base, we recently moved into a (rental, but beautiful) 1920s house with a healthy year-long lease. A whole year in one place! A home base. I’m ecstatic.

Since having our daughter Anastasia at the end of Sept. 2014, we have moved three times.

THREE, guys. That’s just not healthy.

I’ll spare you the details of why because I’m long winded by nature. Suffice it to say that we now believe the realtor (same for both previous houses) uses some sketchy tactics. The end.

God provides, and that is what I choose to glean from the whole situation. He provides more with each grain of faith we put in Him. Maybe someday I’ll have an entire Kansas wheat field full of golden grains of faith, up against a Kansas blue sky, streaked with Kansas storm clouds.

Isn’t that a beautiful aspiration?

Kansas Wheat Storm


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