Good morning. Today–in Kansas, at least–is beautiful & bright, with blue skies for miles. As I work a typical 8-5 job, I was driving this morning as the sun continued to rise, casting its rays among the puffy pure white clouds, shining desperately behind them, awaiting its chance to rise above and be seen in its fullness.

These mornings remind us of the beauty this world contains, hidden just behind a cloud; just beyond the next week; just around the river bend! (For my fellow Disney enthusiasts.)

Hidden…just inside a perfect womb.

I know you are tired of seeing your Facebook bombarded by your conservative friends’ posts about the evil of Planned Parenthood.

I know you hate that we call abortion evil.

I can’t & won’t say that I believe killing an infant is anything but evil.

But please know that I don’t believe you are evil, beautiful woman with a past. Beautiful woman with a broken heart.

We are angry at Planned Parenthood & all abortion clinics for lying to the women of this world; for telling women that this probably is their best option; that this is merciful to their child growing inside. A child wholly dependent on you, beautiful mother.

We are angry & disheartened at the lack of compassion & initiative from the citizens & the leaders of our country to try tostop this staggering wrong that we can never truly right.

But please understand, we are not angry with you for an act in your past that you can’t change, no matter how desperately you want to. We ache with you for what cannot be taken back, for a life never experienced.

I’m not ignorant–I know some people are angry with you. Some absolutely have nothing but contempt for anyone associated with abortion.

Many of us, however, shed tears for you. Not just for your lost baby, but for you & what you have lost.

You have lost thousands of gifts all wrapped up in one beautiful package that fits in the crook of your arm. You have lost the incredible love without restrictions that your child would have gifted you with every day. And that loss is worth my tears.

With salty streaks down my cheeks, I watch you struggle on your own with a secret, gut-wrenching burden. I wait for you with open arms. I wait for that moment you’ll allow yourself to be forgiven, allow yourself to even begin to seek forgiveness. Because–beautiful, broken sister–you deserve forgiveness & joy.

God has never said otherwise. He has been holding his forgiveness out to you since the second you slowly slid off the exam table, but you turned the other way to hide your face.

And the church has done a poor job in continuing to offer forgiveness & grace for your pain & confusion, and for that I am sorry. I am sorry we preach forgiveness & offer you only an ashamed sideways glance. You deserve more.

God & I both wait for the moment when you’ll rise above your clouds & shine again, clear & bright once more. A flawless part of the beauty revealed in every morning.


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