OK, go! Five minutes can seem like an excruciatingly long time, or like the blink of an eye, depending on the activity you’re engaged in. This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday, and I can be long winded–in a good way, I tell myself–so actually finishing this in 5 minutes will be a marvel.

Anastastia is always refining her smile.

Refine generally means to make better or to to perfect. I love seeking different definitions by looking at the Spanish translation of the word & its definitions. I found “perfeccionar”, which corroborated the English definition, along with an extra: “tweak.”

Tweak slingshots my mind into the movie You’ve Got Mail, as Tom Hanks’ character is trying to make his move in secret. Preparing Meg Ryan’s character to find out that he loves her. Great movie. Great word.

Tweaking sets the tone that you’re making something just slightly different, to your liking. Not to make it “perfect like all others.” Just unique. Yours.

MY FIVE MINUTES ARE UP. But I shall continue til I finish my thought.

But there was another definition in that good ol’ WordReference. To conclude; to finish.

We’re always thinking about ways to improve our physique; to better our attitudes; to perfect our Mom routine, our grade average, our pickup line. But how often do we truly seek with all our hearts to bring a task to conclusion? Imperfections & tweaks aside, we need to cross more finish lines.

It’s a peaceful feeling. And isn’t that what each of us is ultimately looking for?



4 thoughts on “Refine – Five Minute Friday

  1. I’ve never thought of refine as crossing a finish line, but it makes sense! I know that back in the day, young women went to finishing school to become refined. Thanks for sharing your take on the prompt!

    1. Such a good point. I hadn’t made that connection–they certainly hoped to have completed all the requirements to be a refined lady by the end of their schooling. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Beautiful. “You’ve got mail” is one of my favorite movies. I like the way you made that connection with Tom Hanks, “tweaking” and the word refine. :-). I appreciate the reminder that we need to complete things and not be so focused on imperfections and tweaking, that we do not “cross the finish line.” Blessings.

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